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Requesting Links

Posted by Dan | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 19-08-2009


I have been doing some more improvements to our site!

Now I’m asking for your help.  That is, I need some good related links that I can add to each page. I’m looking for REAL DEAL NOW!  That is,  if  it’s not even related, and is not going to help those at my site seeking the info they are looking for…  FORGET EVEN THINKING ABOUT SENDING ME THE LINK!

If you do however have a great site that is related to one of the 40+ pages we have so far,  LET ME KNOW ABOUT IT!

I’ll check it out and add it as a link to that page.  It should be a win win!  Those going to my site will find other relevant links to your site and you would hopefully do the same with linking my site appropriately.

Hears a couple of pages to check out what I’m talking about.   “look for the,  OTHER RELATED LINKS

Country Oaks RV Park

Crooked River State Park

Hope to hear from you!

Till our next Campfire Gossip!



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Have not finished site. Love to camp. Now going on 30+ years. Been to many of the places you have. We
are also coast to coast members. Have numerous sites how do you want them all sent?


Tx mike

Thanks! You can send them to

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