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Posted by Dan | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 22-01-2010


It’s a new year!!

So what are your travel plans??

Yes 2009 wasn’t a firecracker kind of year, … that many of us would not even wish to think about


Check out this video

Yes this video was about events in 2008, however…  I had thought that it showed something that is still true today and always.

That is that there is … life that is lost and life that is saved,  and that those that are saved, need to be cherished.  Embrace life in all forms. Yourself, Your Dog,  …

Anyhow I hope you get my point and will live and plan your life with great adventures!

So that brings me back to my original question.

what are your travel ideas for 2010?

Ok,  check out some ideas below to get your mind going!

And a course my favorite!!

Our plans are right now are for late October,  for a getaway to the theme parks,,

Only this time for Adults only!!

But…   That’s in Late October!!!

Till then,  what are your travel thoughts or ideas??

Remember I’m still working on our new local part of our web site.

Hope to hear from you all soon with your ideas and thoughts!

It’s easy,   just leave a comment below!!


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