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Keep The Campfires Burning!

Posted by Dan | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 16-03-2010


Hurry!  Throw on another log!!


Yes it’s been awhile since our last  “Campfire Gossip”

It’s just that nothing here lately has sparked any interest.

That was until this morning,  when I had stumbled across this video;

Why are things like this, only found in the past??

Today one would assume back then,   that by now…

We should have something like a Prius being able to have a RV in tow.

Here lately, we seem to be going backwards in almost every thing we do.

Hopefully,  That’s not true.

Only time will tell.

So til then….

Keep the campfires of adventures and dreams going will ya, even when you think the track has come to a end.

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