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Bud’s Adventures

Yes, I know It’s been some time since we all sat down for a good campfire gossip.   I’m hoping to change that!  Yes I still miss RVing — But that was then and life still goes on :)  I do wish to keep this web site going cause I really do enjoy it also.


Now that we have that said,

Let’s start      Bud’s Adventures!!

Bud was found one day running through our neighborhood  with a rope attached to he’s neck that he had chewed himself free from.  He was a total mess with mud and dirt all over him.  but that was not the biggest issue!  No, it was he’s weight!! you could see he’s rib cage!!!  I took him in and feed and bathed him in time to try to convince my wife Dorothy that he needed us.

No things did not go well at first with my wife,  but as time past and no one ever called on the found Lab,  He found a way into her hart.  He was big then but still acting like a BIG puppy.  When we where at work,  he was having fun terrorizing our home!!

I believe the date is around 1999/2000 when we found him.

Our first video of him is the earliest I could find .

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