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About Us – Our Dogs – Our Grandchildren

From RV parking lot

Come join us on our latest RVing adventures!

We have been RVing now for over 3 years and have been to many Florida and a few of Georgia’s great state and local RV parks. We have only scratched the surface of all the great places (and yes some not so great) Of all the places you too can enjoy a great weekend or more of RVing and just relaxing. We will do our best to give you a list of all the good and not so good things we encounter, so your next RVing adventure will be your best also!


Our 130lb Labrador Retriever!

He loves RVing & hiking. In fact when we are RVing, he has no problem staying outside day and night! However when we are at home he demands to be in the house. We will explore with Bud together on many hiking trails just begging to be sniffed out! and yes, he has proven in the past to find wildlife for us to film without scaring them away.

Our Investigator!

Our Bichon Frise!

Yes! Another happy camper that wants to be anywhere you are. Even though he would prefer to be inside the RV where theirs A.C. and satellite TV going on. OH!, and BEST of all… The fridge is always slammed with more food than the big one at home.

Our Watchdog!

Our Carin Terrier!

This boy is the ENERGIZER BUNNY in a dogs costume! He will definitely let you know when the campsite is being invaded by lizards! or anything else :)

Our Grandchildren


As if the dogs were not enough! We do take our Grandchildren with us at times also!! :) We also have Tristan (not pictured here) with us at times. And if there is anything going wrong, these guy’s will make it known to the world that. … there’s NO FUN HERE!

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