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Collier-Seminole State Park

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When we first arrived we found out the water was going to be shut off due to a leak. We later found out that the leak was caused by someone forgetting to detach their hose prior to leaving. They did detach their hose after breaking the pipe and they never notified the park of the gushing situation they left behind.

Meanwhile we started setting up camp.We just finished setting everything to our liking when the water was turned back on. We then noticed water gushing from the underground everywhere. Dorothy went to notify the campground host and ranger that we had a flood going on at our campsite. We found out later that the previous repair was done correctly. The gushing water was caused by Dan putting a tent stake into the water pipe at our site and split the pipe in half. In the end the pipe was repaired and all was well.

The next morning we had a tour set up to see the Everglades and the surrounding area. This is the closest State Park to the Everglades National Park.

In summary I would definitely recommend seeing the Everglades.

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