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Country Oaks RV Park

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Country Oaks RV Park

Our first trip utilizing only a half of tank of gas! Which is a good thing with today’s gas prices. Country Oaks RV Park is located on the 1 mile marker into Georgia. Which it makes it close access to visitors of Jacksonville, FL. Thus meaning only a 45 minute drive. The 1 thing we did learn is if you want to go to the beaches- the closest beach to there is Cumberland Island & you have to get there by ferry.

That is due to the fact that surrounding the area is Kingsbay Naval Sub Support Base. We were not able to venture out to the Island since we found out the ferry only operates at certain times. So if you plan to see Cumberland Island make sure that you check out the ferry times in advance.

Ferry Schedule

Even without the direct beach access, Country Oaks RV Park was an enjoyable experience. If you like a quite place with a county type charm…. this would be an excellent choice. We plan to go back and visit Trigger in the future.

Update on Trigger

April 4, 2009

Dan & I were driving in the area & we stopped to see how Trigger was doing …… and all is well with Trigger, however Lonnie says he is gaining too much weight.

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