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Crooked River State Park

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Crooked River State Park


No cell phone reception here! Our site was huge, we have never experienced that large of a site before. This wasn’t that far from Jacksonville but you would have thought we were in no mans land.

Our trip here included Austin & Tiger. The main thing that Austin was disappointed with was the pool was closed.  This trip ended up being a look at the wilderness and we took advantage of taking hikes and checking out the Nature Center. Saturday early evening we had signed up to take a moonlight bat hike and it was cut short due to a storm.

During one our hikes we got to see an armadillo and Tiger was startled & tried to chase him (Austin was holding his leash and he almost got away). We also got to see several gopher turtles just roaming near the cabins.

We were also only a few minutes away from Kings Bay Naval Base and Dan & I took a drive to take photos of the Submarine in front of the gate of the base.

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