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Faver Dykes State Park

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Faver Dykes State Park 11/16/07


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any stranger….the dogs end up taking over the camping experience.

This was our second time at Faver Dykes State Park – however our first time to take all of our dogs & we even added another dog to the experience.

Yep that means Karen & Chrissy(her Daschund) along with Tiger(our Bichon), Toto(our Carin Terrier) & Bud(our Labrador)……..wait a minute Tiger, I’m getting to that point

As I was trying to get to when I was interrupted by Tiger – this was a trip strictly revolving around the dogs & we all had a great time. I think the story is better told by them…….OK guys it’s show time, tell the folks about your experience on your trip. (note click on captions on above slide show if needed to hear their story)

Faver Dykes State Park 9/14/07

Toto’s First Camping Experience

A dog lover’s paradise, after camping for 2 years in Florida we finally came upon a beach where dogs are allowed! It’s kind of funny how we came upon it – due to the fact that I have searched before on the Internet coming up with no real results. Basically what I found back then if you go in the early hours of the morning where there are private homes, nobody will turn you in.

The beach we are talking about is….. Cresent Beach, just south of St Augustine & north of Daytona. A word of caution though, you definitely need 4 wheel drive to drive on this beach. We were amazed how many people attempted to drive on the beach here only to find themselves hopelessly stuck in the sand——until some good ole’ southern boy with a 4X4 pulled them out of the sand. Cresent Beach was only a 20 minute drive from Faver Dykes State Park.

Faver Dykes was a tranquil park, “No paved roads here”. As long as you’re not skittish about backing a 32 foot RV into your site you will be awarded with definite privacy from even your closest neighbor. Needless to say, if it wasn’t for the help of another fellow camper, I doubt myself of being able to accomplish that task.

The grand children got a chance to check out the nature trails, and even got to ride their bikes on this trip. This was the first time they were able to do this, as we haven’t had the bikes with us before.

There isn’t a permanent ranger at this park… someone comes in the morning (and throughout the day) to see if they have any new residents at the park and get the park fees at that time. When the ranger approached us….she told us that she actually spotted a cougar the night before at the boat dock & deer’s are all over the place. If only we can convince our grand children on how to see nature we might have been able to experience, just that. The night before, Dorothy got to see some raccoon’s & an armadillo, she didn’t have her camera with her though. So the only photographed nature this trip was the crabs down by the boat dock.

Overall if you were to give this park a rating of 1 to 10, I would give it an 8. Based on if you’re looking for a true nature’s camping experience. I definitely plan on coming back to let Bud experience the park & the beach.

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