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Fort Clinch State Park

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Fort Clinch State Park 11/10/06


It’s amazing how time works & how the mind reacts to it—

This trip, I believe really put that in perspective. Dorothy was still at work, while I was able to be home early to get us up & on our way. When she arrived— however, time kept flying by even with what anyone would consider, “a simple fast task”.

Finally, about 6 PM we hit the road and started traveling to our destination, however we ran into this “TIME WARP” — (No– there wasn’t that much traffic where we were heading, with the route I was taking, but for some reason— it took longer than coming home the same route!?).

Once we finally got there it seemed as if though time came to a stand still. It was a long enjoyable weekend.

Gail & Jennifer were able to come by & visit us on Saturday “They too now “have the fever” and are wanting to get an RV.

The boys & I headed out, not on 1, but 2 moonlight walks……………. OK, so the moonlight wasn’t out, which explains the extra fear that Michael was having (Yes, only Michael). I think that had to do with that stupid sign that said “Alligator Crossing”. “Yep” remember that video from before when we were hiking here the last time, we did the same hike this time only this time at night. The difference with this time there weren’t any animal encounters.

We also had time to visit the Fort and got some great photos & video ——– see time was standing still– because I hadn’t even mentioned the naps and the big campfires that we had. Anyhow this is what we all work for, “Right?” Relaxation with family, … & time will start to move S L O W E R.


We found Fort Clinch SP has a lot to offer & since it’s only just outside of town, it makes it a perfect weekend outing. Wish I had photos of the candlelit tour of the Fort the grandchildren & I took. It was well orchestrated that even the grandchildren enjoyed it. This was James first camping experience. We really enjoyed spending time with the grandchildren, we played on the beach, played board games, took hikes and best of all had SMORES.

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