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Gamble Rogers State Park

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Yes, this was our first true Ocean Front Campsite. We were a little worried at first, due to actually being on sand — it worked out fine, since the sand was compacted.

The waves encountered here were some of the biggest that I have seen on the east coast. Since that was the case, the boys really enjoyed the boogie boards that we purchased while we were here.

Another “BIG” first — we met our neighbors camping next to us …Paul & Linda, they have a daughter & her name is Julia. We found out they also live in Jacksonville, so we swapped e-mail’s and plan to keep in touch. “Well that was from a little help from the boys”.

Saturday evening was spent cooking out with Paul, Linda & Julia. The ocean breeze was great at first & then you could feel a storm was brewing-the winds picked up and we all ventured inside the comforts of our RV.

Yes! Camping is great when it’s done the right way.

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