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Is The Camp Fire Out??

Posted by Dan | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 20-03-2014


Wow,  has it been that long since I have posted anything!!!




We need to add a little liter fluid


Lots better now!!!

Yep I still have the hang of it :lol:

So many updates since the fire almost went out, so where dose one began?

I know… how about a short video on it all!

OK!!!  It’s not working!!!

Or should I say …  I’ve run out of time again!!   Hopefully I will find the time to needed to bring everyone back up to running speed on whats going on!

Throw a extra log in their so our next visit,  I will remember and know how to do this properly.



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Bud’s Adventures

Yes, I know It’s been some time since we all sat down for a good campfire gossip.   I’m hoping to change that!  Yes I still miss RVing — But that was then and life still goes on :)  I do wish to keep this web site going cause I really do enjoy it also.


Now that we have that said,

Let’s start      Bud’s Adventures!!

Bud was found one day running through our neighborhood  with a rope attached to he’s neck that he had chewed himself free from.  He was a total mess with mud and dirt all over him.  but that was not the biggest issue!  No, it was he’s weight!! you could see he’s rib cage!!!  I took him in and feed and bathed him in time to try to convince my wife Dorothy that he needed us.

No things did not go well at first with my wife,  but as time past and no one ever called on the found Lab,  He found a way into her hart.  He was big then but still acting like a BIG puppy.  When we where at work,  he was having fun terrorizing our home!!

I believe the date is around 1999/2000 when we found him.

Our first video of him is the earliest I could find .


Keep The Campfires Burning!

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Hurry!  Throw on another log!!



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It’s a new year!!

So what are your travel plans??

Yes 2009 wasn’t a firecracker kind of year, … that many of us would not even wish to think about


Check out this video

Yes this video was about events in 2008, however…  I had thought that it showed something that is still true today and always.

That is that there is … life that is lost and life that is saved,  and that those that are saved, need to be cherished.  Embrace life in all forms. Yourself, Your Dog,  …

Anyhow I hope you get my point and will live and plan your life with great adventures!

So that brings me back to my original question.

what are your travel ideas for 2010?

Ok,  check out some ideas below to get your mind going!

And a course my favorite!!

Our plans are right now are for late October,  for a getaway to the theme parks,,

Only this time for Adults only!!

But…   That’s in Late October!!!

Till then,  what are your travel thoughts or ideas??

Remember I’m still working on our new local part of our web site.

Hope to hear from you all soon with your ideas and thoughts!

It’s easy,   just leave a comment below!!




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Happy to see the year 2009 behind us…

* January – Lost my job of 13+ years of working for Budweiser.

* February – Zero job prospects.

* March – Returned to Manatee Springs “for another try after our first attempt 3 years ago”.

* April – Finally landed a job with Dollar Tree!

* May – Had a great adventure at Salt Springs!

* June – Used what was left of my 401K .. to buy Dorothy’s Mazda 3.


* July – Things are not looking good financially.

* August – Our stay at Kingsland KOA was to be our last trip.

* September – Our Truck and RV are now gone… however we did manage to get a Mazda 6.

Mazda 6

* October – Lil’ Bit (our cat) passed away.

Lil Bit

* November – Dorothy’s mom came to stay with us.

* December – Dorothy’s mom passed away.

That was just a small snapshot of some of our events in 09.

We weren’t alone though, … below are some reviews of what else was going on in 2009

There was so much going on (or should I say not going right) in our life.  That the next video highlights some great technical achievements, …  That I wasn’t even aware of!


New Web Site Improvements!

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Check Out Our New Improvements!!

Been working hard trying to improve our site.  There’s still a ton more to do!   However I believe I now finely have most of how I’m going to do it, figured out.    The biggest area you will see now and will continue to grow is our  Local Adventures .   Yes we may not have the RV any more, but that’s not going to stop us from exploring Jacksonville.  This part of the web site will be devoted to exploring great local finds right here at home.    Another improvement is returning all of the videos with removed original sound tracks back to the way I intended them to be!!  Yes! You Tube has finely ended the battle with WMG!! The first one I have restored is on our new home page.  I also still plan on improving the RV pages we have out their, with new links and any other updates I learn about .

So check us out and tell us what you think!

Till our next campfire gossip

keep the fire going for us will ya!

The Lamore RVing Crew


“D” Day Has Arrived!!

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So Is It Really The End?


Here’s the story

Just like many others out their today. The economic times has gotten the best of us also.   You see around the first part of this year, I too found myself  standing in that ever growing line down at the unemployment office.  (and it’s still growing!  The latest I’ve heard now it’s over  9.5%!)

After 6 months of applying for one job after another.  I was Lucky enough to have  finally landed one!

Unfortunately the downward spiral continued!

Bringing home less than half , we knew wasn’t going to cut it.  But we were still hopeful.  Cut expenses where we can and hope for the best.

6 Months later is where we’re at today.

It was a very painful decision.  The RV and  Truck are now gone.  We had no other choice.  We even tossed around the idea of…

Now’s the Time!  Sell the house and go full time!!

Well it was a good thought for awhile.  Again though like many others out there today.  Our home has taken a big hit also.

A New Beginning

At least now we can keep our heads above water.  Yes it’s true we now are without the RV.  However that’s Not going to bring a end to this web site.  This will still be the place to share your travels with others.  And  in the months to come, give me a chance to re-visit some of the many places we have been to.  I also plan to start including some of our local finds we have come across.

Our LOVE for RVing has not gone away! Only our RV for now.

Till our next campfire gossip,

Keep the fire going for us!



America’s Got Talent

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OK , I know you all have been watching,   America’s Got Talent.

Admit it now!  If I have seen it,  I am confident you have too.

So my question is:  What would be your vote?

I’m told ,we will all find out tomorrow night on who the winner is.

Either way leave a comment and let’s have a little fun with this.

Here’s my picks:


Requesting Links

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I have been doing some more improvements to our site!

Now I’m asking for your help.  That is, I need some good related links that I can add to each page. I’m looking for REAL DEAL NOW!  That is,  if  it’s not even related, and is not going to help those at my site seeking the info they are looking for…  FORGET EVEN THINKING ABOUT SENDING ME THE LINK!

If you do however have a great site that is related to one of the 40+ pages we have so far,  LET ME KNOW ABOUT IT!

I’ll check it out and add it as a link to that page.  It should be a win win!  Those going to my site will find other relevant links to your site and you would hopefully do the same with linking my site appropriately.

Hears a couple of pages to check out what I’m talking about.   “look for the,  OTHER RELATED LINKS

Country Oaks RV Park

Crooked River State Park

Hope to hear from you!

Till our next Campfire Gossip!




KOA Weekend Update!!

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Yes I finally got around to updating our latest RVing adventure! :roll:

Kingsland KOA Weekend Getaway

Still working on also improving the site overall.  With that in mind. … I have hopefully accomplished easier navigation and helpful links for you to find the info you are looking for on your next RV getaway!

While you’re here, leave  us a comment and let us know how we are doing  in that regard.

Till our next post




Dusting Off The Cobwebs!

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Yes we are finally heading out again :lol:

Our baby has been in storage for the longest yet to date.  This is one of those time events you do not want to repeat or exceed on.

I’m happy to find out that after removing the tire covers that every thing check out perfect!

We will be heading out to Kingsland Georgia KOA.  Hoping to check out Clumberland Island while we are there.

Till our next post!

Happy Rving!!




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Another Look Into The Unknown!

On my last posting you may have remembered,   that I was planing on re-doing some of my videos.

Sounds easy enough,  …  just bring back your videos from before and remove the sound track that was the problem with WMG   (Warner Music Group)  And then replace them with another sound track.  or even better, leave it be with the original sound track.

Sound simple enough, so I started looking into do so.  Another plus was, when I re-downloaded the video it would be at the new HD format that YouTube has.

Great!,   Sounds like a winner to me!  Evan if the 5star ratings and XX number of comments go away…  I know they will return!:)

So I start on doing so, Only to find out that!!!

I am unable to edit any of theses videos.

This brings  something else into the mix!!

When you find that you can no longer access your past,  along with videos of your Grandchildren.

One starts to worry.

Anyhow,  I’m really hoping it’s just me being stupid.  Either way though,   I need to get a experts advise.

We  will talk again soon after the Camp Fires have a chance to relax.

Till then don’t worry,




Salt Springs Video

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Video has been completed! :mrgreen:

Salt Springs Video

Yes the video of our stay at Salt Springs Recreation Area has been completed and is now ready to be viewed!!

YouTube has made some more improvements also.  You can now view it in the best quality that your system could possibly ever handle.  Looks very good.  So good in fact that I’m going to work on updating the ones I now have out there with no audio.  You see what has been happening is that anything that is owned by WMG… The ENTIRE sound track has been removed.  Yes the entire sound track.  So if I was on there talking about something, that too is gone.   YouTube has an area where you can replace the sound track with one of their approved song tracks.  I have done that before but its never the same.  So anyhow my plan is to redo the conflicting ones and just try to stay away from any WMG tracks :evil:

Till our next campfire chat,  Happy RVing ;)


Another Great Adventure

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Salt Springs Recreational Area Update! ;)

From Salt Springs R.A. 09

Salt Springs Recreation Area

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Ocala National Forest

Yep we are heading out today to Salt Springs Recreation Area ;)

This will be our first time staying at a Federal Reserve Park.  Salt springs is located in the Ocala National Forest in Florida.   When you search the Internet for this park though you will be hard pressed to find that many reviews on it.  Then there are the photos.  …  You will find the same dozen or so out their again and again.  Then there are videos.  …  Nope., or at least I haven’t found any out there.  Most of the reviews I have read have been done back around at least 5 years or so ago.   So yes we will bring every one up to date on our return on what we found, with more than just a dozen photos!  Knowing my wife, more like a 100+! :lol:

Then there’s the video part! ;)   Yep we will have that also!  Of course don’t expect it right away because GREAT VIDEOS take time!! :)

ANYHOW  …   My searching the Internet on this park,  … got me to thinking about how I could include any of your visits out there.  That I would like to do.  How I would do it though I’m still trying to figure out.  Any ideas?

Till our next campfire



Plugin Nightmares

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4000+ Plugins for WordPress! :!:

If there is anything that I have learned, …  That Is This!!!


Before you even think about installing a plugin, you better have a backup ready.

Perhaps learning this way may be the best for some of you out there, cause I do know,  … that WAS the  fact for me. :x

Regardless, what I have learned in the process has made me more aware of what to check out BEFORE even trying to install it.  I now spend time googling at least the results of what others have found.  Often, I will find that their are to many negatives on the reviews.  That alone will tell me to stay away from even trying it!

But that is only the start.   …  Then there are those plugins out there that you research and research again that you know after doing so,  …  You know, yes you to need it, BUT   which one?

A great example of this is:  WP-CACHE

Well heck!   there are only at least a dozen of these out there so….     Do you go with:





Yes there are more out there!!!    I myself have visited this area a lot, and have come down to those 4.  I have even tried  WP SUPER CACHE.  However I noticed right off the bat that when I was updating my site,  I too got static pages.  So then my question was, do I need this?

Right now the answer for me is NO!

This plug in to the best to my knowledge is only needed if your web hosting account is unable to handle the traffic.   So for now, I’m staying away from it!!

My True Nightmare One Was:

Google Sitemap!!

I do believe,  I do have this MUST HAVE now working

A course, we will not know the outcome from that until a few days from now!


The plugins I do have now, and are still testing are:

1.  Add to Any: Share/Bookmark/Email Button

2.  AdSense Manager

3.  Akismet

4.  All in One SEO Pack

5.  Custom Smilies

6.  Google XML Sitemaps

7.  Most Comments

8.  My Page Order

9.  Simple Image Link

10.  Smart 404

11.  Top Commentators Widget

12.  Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Yep!  WordPress may be the best out there,   however It’s going to take time to master the best!

So, Any Ideas?

Till Our Next Campfire! :P



RV Web There Yet?

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Another Exhausting Day!!

We did finally get our google site map to work for us.  That was of course was only after hours of trying this, and trying that, that  I finally gave in and and got  Hostgator Live Chat on the line  again to solve yet another dilemma.

Then It Was On To:


Videos and photos are a big part of our site.  But yet at first glance, you would not know that and move on.

The photo part is driving me crazy!!  So far, any photo of ours that I try to upload does not work. Yes we have

been able to transfer any photos out there to a slide show, but been unable to get them out there alone.


We will keep at it!!!   My next project will be to add a link to my favorite web sites.

So far though I only have one RV COOKINGSHOW.COM

Till our next time around the camp fire




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Fix One Thing, Break Another!

I’ll give it a rest after this post in hopes that someone may know the answer.  Since the last fix I no longer have my Google Site map working!!  :roll:

This is another, I have been told MUST HAVES. If you ever going to find anyone out there in the vast Internet, or should I say, FIND YOU !! :roll:

Hopefully my last site map  is still out their working,  and thus this is how you found this site!  :lol:

I really want to get this site to work for all of  us RVer’s out their.



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Another Problem Solved!

Yes, I need to give thanks to my web hosting service.  Since trying to get my new website format switched over, I have had their 24-7 tec support helping me quite a bit.

All this computer stuff is a learning process for me.  Just when you think you have mastered the computer basics,  web building is a whole other topic!  Either way, when I was in school,   …  computers then,  you had to know the html wording to even work with them.  Heck, I still remember my first game console my Granddad gave me!  Yep, it was a Atari system.

Ok, so you have taged me now as a baby boomer!   Yes it’s true! and while we are at it, ….  Microwaves still empress the heck out of me!  Anyhow I’m getting off the topic here, so let me just wrap this up with saying:

I would recommend those of you out there looking for a host provider to use Hostgator!



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Not Working Out!   :oops:

Wasn’t able to get the events calendar to work out like I’d hoped.  It kept moving every thing in the third column down to left below the post, and it would never show up in the third column at all. So for now I removed it until I can either find a better plugin or figure out how to get that one to work!  Speaking of plugins, there are so damn many out there!  It just gets flustering trying to sift through all of them!!

Anyhow, our next camping adventure is going to be a week from now at Salt Springs Recreation Area here in Florida. This will be our first time staying at a Federal Reserve Park. :lol: