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Manatee Springs State Park

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Manatee Springs State Park 1/30/09

This is our 2nd trip here – below you can see our 1st time of trying to stay here……. This time we had our new Dodge 4×4 pulling our baby & we had reserved a pull thru spot, should be a piece of cake this time & it’s daylight, also we have Tom Tom navigating the way……………

Having a navigation system is the way to go & having the 4×4 was another definite plus, even though it was a pull thru spot there are areas when you hit the soft sand that is native to Florida you really need the 4×4.

After it’s all said & done we “Made  It”

The best time to come here is in March & April if you want to see the Manatee’s… we did get to see a few while we were here. There’s a nice boardwalk that starts at the spring & goes out to the Suwannee River where there is a boat dock, there is also a small canoe launch at the springs , however it is closed during the winter months when there is a high volume of the Manatees. They also have a swimming area right at the springs, however it may also be closed during that time frame also. They have a concession area & canoe rentals that are open during the summer months. This is another one of Florida’s great locations for diving.

We brought James, Michael, Tristan & Austin with us & they spent a majority of their time at the playground, while Dan & I were out taking pictures of the abundant deer & other wildlife  in the park .

There is a nice hiking trail starting at the springs that works it’s way back to the Ranger Station, there’s where we were able to capture our best video yet on deer. Our neighbors at the campground even came along with us on Saturday just before dusk & experienced the deer sightings.

This will definitely be on our list to visit again.

Manatee Springs State Park 4/7/06

Sorry—-No photos at this destination. We headed to Manatee Springs around 8PM—we got lost—it took us until 2:30AM to get to the park.

“Boy that was a long 2 1/2 hour trip!”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, we spent around 2 hours in the park trying to get out of the sandpit…

Manatee Springs…should be called “Sandpit Springs”. Needless to say, after surveying the rest of the park we decided to leave and find another place to CAMP.

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