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Myakka River State Park

Visit Myakka River State Park

Wildlife Encounters

Myakka River State Park is definitely a place to visit Florida’s wildlife in it’s natural habitat. The park features many ways of viewing the wildlife, one would expect the usual hiking trails, however this park takes it to the next level. For starters you can climb 70 feet above the tree tops to get an outstanding view of the surrounding wet lands, prairie and forest area. Birds are a definite find here, basically speaking if you don’t encounter any birds at this park – you’re not at Myakka River State Park. Speaking of the river – you can venture out on 1 of  2 massive airboats, they will take you out to the upper Myakka Lake in search for wildlife. Then once back on land you can take the Tram Safari into the back country (Note: Tram only runs Dec 16 thru May 31). Another great way to explore is to rent a bike, they have a standard 1 person bike, but they also have 2 & 4 person bikes available.

OK so you’re saying you want to venture out on your own in the water -  they have that covered too – There are kayak & canoe rentals & if you have your own boat there is a boat launch area as well. RVing or camping is the way to go, however this park also has what they call log cabins, though we never checked these out. And if that wasn’t enough! They do have primitive camping and horse trails for those that bring their own horses with them. They also have something else there that we will try next time we visit – that is gator stew at their snack bar. Yes! This place has a snack bar, souvenir shop, convince store & museum. This time out was only my wife & I, however we definitely plan on returning here with Bud to check out all the great hiking trails they have. I almost forgot, they also have a 7 mile scenic drive you can take. This is where we encounter the Feral Hogs & White Tailed Deer, so I can just imagine what we’ll find on our return.

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