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O’Leno State Park

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O’Leno State Park


We were finally able to hook up together with our good friends Mark & Patty and their dog Daisy. Daisy is a Yorkie and only weighs 3 pounds, but she will surprise you & out hike everybody in the group.

Mark & Patty checked in a day earlier and took advantage of canoeing down the scenic Santa Fe River and it took them 4 hours and yes, they took Daisy with them! (Check that out on the video).

This is one of Florida’s 1st State Parks & is well maintained. We were suppose to camp next to them, however they had a water main break at that site and we ended up camping on the opposite side of the park. We were able to cut through where the restroom was located. Granted the park was built in the 1930′s and many of the buildings & the suspension bridge built still spans the river. Since then the park has been upgraded with new restroom facilities and 50 amp hookups. However the original layout of the park has not changed.

Friday night we ate at Patty & Mark’s RV, he cooked steak and it was great. We did a little exploring of the camp ground, then Patty & I scrap booked for a while. We were suppose to cook on Saturday, but Mark wanted to go to the Ivy House (In Alachua), so we took about a half hour drive and the food and atmosphere was great. If you’re in that area it is well worth the drive.

This is the first time that we camped with FRIENDS and we really enjoyed it. We hope to camp with them in the near future.

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