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Paynes Prairie State Park

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Our last few trips have gone without mishap. So Murphy’s Law decided it was time to kick in and make up for lost time!! Upon arriving, we found out that we lost our 50 to 30 amp conversion cord. No problem. We’ll just head into town and pick one up….”YEAH RIGHT”. No luck at: Walmart (Gainesville) Lowes (Gainesville) Home Depot (Ocala) Walmart Super Center (Ocala) Petro Truck Stop (they didn’t even have a simple extension cord!) The following morning, after spending the night with no A/C. We head to Ocala to a RV supply store, only to find ourselves in GAINESVILLE (Yes, Ocala is the opposite way). We did finally get our electric hooked up , so smooth sailing…… right? No another mishap was headed our way (or was it 2). While Dorothy was parking the truck, she was pulling in and got too close to the Site sign & gouged the side of the truck!!! Then heading home—- “as if we hadn’t had enough already”— strange noises started coming from the truck so we had the debate if we should pull off the road….luckily we made it to the storage facility, only to find out that the water pump had failed. Even with all the mishaps, the park was great and animal sightings were numerous. To make things even better they were captured on photos and video also.

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