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Rock Crusher Canyon

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Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park

We had originally chosen Rock Crusher Canyon based on the fact that it was only a short drive to Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park that we planned on visiting (no camping available there), however we weren’t sure about Rock Crusher Canyon since the web site was down and we weren’t having any luck on finding information any where until one of Dorothy’s co-workers recommended the campsite (based on other fellow RVers that had stayed there before). Well word of mouth is always the best advise out there so we went for it.


Upon arriving the staff at the campground was friendly & professional. The sites were large and easy to back into yet they still had ample foliage & trees.

We were still setting up and noticed the A/C was working however we didn’t have any other electrical power. The refrigerator was still running off the propane & the lights were running off the battery. This was a first for us so we thought there was something wrong with our RV, so we started checking circuit breakers, fuses and unplugging the electric from the box & plugging the electric back to the box. After doing this 5 or 6 times we came to the conclusion that it was not working.


Dorothy got on the phone looking for a local RV Tech to assist. He told us that it sounded like the park pole was not working, so we took our extension and plugged the electrical in the next site over – IT WORKED! We called the park staff & they had us up and running right away. The park has 398 sites, has a Recreation Center with a work out room, a party room and out back they has a screened in pool with a Hot Tub (NO Smoking in the pool area). The park also had an amphitheater along with overflow parking when they would have an event going on. We’re not sure about the amphitheater’s future but we will be checking this out later There is plenty of space for biking in this park, so the grand kids got the bikes out and off they went. They even had Grandma out on a bike – that was a short lived event, 1 time around the loop was enough for her.


After all the fun is said and done, we’re packing up getting ready to leave we notice the RV has a flat tire. Time to get the book out – we found out – NO JACK NEEDED, you just put the good tire on blocks and then you can change the tire (but remember to loosen the lug nuts before putting the RV on blocks). Now we’re ready to put the spare on – WHAT NOT ENOUGH AIR IN THE SPARE? Yep! that’s what we experienced, Dorothy took the tire to the local gas station to get air only to find out the air pump wasn’t working (let this be a lesson to check the air in the spare also before heading out on a trip). RVing is always fun and you never stop learning. The campsite overall was an 8 and we plan on going back sometime. The weather was great while we were there camping. However on our trip there we experienced non stop down pours that would make most travelers turn around – Don’t let the weather influence your decision to continue with your planned adventures.


Since our stay at Rock Crusher Canyon we found out via searching the web that it has new owners…

it is now owned by Elite Resorts Crystal River and our webite link has been updated.

According to what we have found they are now trying to sell these sites at $50,000.00 per site, they are also cutting down vegetation between sites, when we stayed there it was a Coast to Coast membership and have found that it is no longer accepting Coast to Coast. Still no word on what the plans are for the amphitheater or if this is a separate venue now.

If anyone has has been here recently and can update us on this info, please email us!

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