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Salt Springs Recreation Area


Yes it’s true,   As of 26 Apr 09  the Spring is CLOSED for SWIMMING!!

We asked while we were at Juniper Springs Park.   We received the same info we had from the park where we were staying at!!

They were Closed For Structural Repairs!

Ok  now, two parks are closed for swimming.  …  At the same time for Structural Repairs??

Ok we will back up a bit.

We knew that the springs were closed when we made the reservations to stay at Salt Springs State Park.  That wasn’t a problem for us. It was only going to be the two of us, …  And we were not planning on going swimming.   We did still believe that we could at least see the Springs while we were there.

No, Not at Salt Springs Recreation Area!!

In Fact They Had The Entire Area Closed!!

No day use at all!  We and others were only allowed to stay there camping, and if you were found in the area, they had signs that said:


Ok,  so we get the idea,  “Stay away from the springs”

This is their official statement:

The Springs swimming and day use areas ARE CLOSED for renovation/construction. The projected end date is undetermined at this point. The camping areas are and will remain open.

I have done some research on the Internet to find out more, but came up with nothing after a few hours of trying to do so.  Something tells me there’s more to this story.  If anyone finds anything more on this, please let us know so we can update this topic.

Salt Springs Recreation Area

From Salt Springs R.A. 09

Above is a photo however that I did find of the swimming area while searching the Internet.

And below is another one found looking out towards Lake George.

From Salt Springs R.A. 09

Our stay at Salt Springs was enjoyable even with the spring closer.  The campground has 106 full hookup sites and 56 primitive sites.  All the RV sites are fully paved. The only draw back to this, is their rule that all landing gear and vehicles must stay on the pavement.  Also there was no extra parking. So that does make things tight when you have a larger RV like ours.  They did have one area way out back for that you could place that extra vehicle or boat trailer, but who wants it that far off?  I had noticed that most campers were just using the next camp space next to them when they did have guest. If the swimming area though was open, I would bet those sites would have been filled.  Then what?

Juniper Springs

From Salt Springs R.A. 09

We did venture up the road on Sat and checked out Juniper Springs.  If you plan on doing so though you better be ready to shell out some more money!

Yes even though the spring there too was closed they will still charge you $4.25 a person to check it out!!  It was just myself and Dorothy so we did pay to visit.

From what we saw the campsites there are small.  They did have many pull through sites that in our opinion where just half circles large enough for maybe a car.

I don’t see us staying there with our rig.


We did get to take a nice hike and got some great photos and video of the Florida Springs in their natural form.  So that find alone, did make this visit worth it. However if we had Bud with us like we normally do it would have been a different story. NO PETS ALLOWED ON TRAIL. That brings me to another point!


I think you all know where we are going with that last statement.  We too LOVE dogs and normally take ours with us, BUT we follow the rules so we may RETURN with our dogs!

Enough said on that topic for now, even though it burns me up at times.


Our stay at Salt Springs Recreation Area was GREAT.   Nice large campground with full hookups that included 50amp service. Dog friendly. And a great hiking trail called Big Bear Run where you just may run into one. Yes this is true bear country for them of what is left in Florida.

From Salt Springs R.A. 09

Map of area above and below is some great video footage of our stay.

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