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Sherwood Forest RV Resort

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Sherwood Forest RV Resort

For those looking to spend time at any of Orlando’s theme parks…. this is a perfect location. Disney was only about 4 miles away. The RV Resort was clean & had different amenities (miniature golf course, pool & spa). The staff here was very friendly & very helpful. We spent this camp adventure with adults – the kids would have really enjoyed this trip.

Our first days adventures started at Disney’s Epcot where we met up with our friends the Taylor’s (Kim ,Glenn, Morgan & Matthew) they are veteran park goers, so you don’t even need a map. We learned the latest new craze is that of pin trading (The kids have pins & they trade pins with the cast members). Morgan did a lot of trading but Matthew didn’t find a lot of pins he wanted to trade for. The theme at Epcot while we were there was the flower & garden show….there were topiaries throughout the park.

Our next day’s adventures were at Disney’s MGM. A definite must see show was Lights, Motor, Action extreme stunt show. For rides “the Tower of Terror” was the best. And for your dining experience we would recommend “Prime Time Cafe”. Prime Time Cafe was a 50′s theme establishment. After you are seated with your cousins (yes everyone is your cousin)…. mother comes to the table & tells you the rules (no elbows on the table, you must eat all your vegetables and be on your best behavior. Well wouldn’t you know Glenn just couldn’t keep his elbows off the table & got warned 3 times and then it was “time out for Glenn”. He had to stand against the wall while holding a sugar packet with his nose. Yes, this was a different dining experience.

Of course any time spent at Disney had it’s ups & downs but always ends up being a definite good time for all to enjoy those young & old. The following days were just spent with relaxing at home with man’s best friend.

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