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Stephen C Foster State Park

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Upon traveling down Highway 177 you come across the sign called Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge “Note: plan on making it to this point prior to sunset” this gate & the the gate to Stephen C Foster State Park are locked at night (17 miles apart) and no traffic is a to enter or leave after the gates are locked. Our first night entering the park & we missed the turn into the campground and came upon a flock of deer to the left side of us, we arrived at the registration building to find it already closed but there was a card with our name on it along with 2 other registered guest. After getting our card we headed back to the campsite area and the deer that we passed earlier were still there only this time they were on the same side of the highway as we were, close enough that Dorothy could have reached out & petted one. Why is it when? That best photo op comes around no one has a camera ready to go or avaliable.

Excited about seeing wildlife we were still racing the sun to try & figure out which campsite was ours. Dorothy not wanting to waste anymore time on trying to decifer the card that had our name and the letter R on it, she got out and asked the campground host. We learned that they used a color code system & you would take any open site with that matching color on it (R=Red). Still not wanting to waste time we pulled in to the first avaliable site we saw, but later discovered it was an excellent choice (Site#4).

Friday morning when we woke up, Dan discovered he did not have any coffee, so we headed to the Trading Post at the campground only to discover they had coffee filters but were out of coffee. So we headed to town only to find out the closest grocery store was over 40 miles away (in Homerville). We found ourselves at a little grocery store named Harvey’s – upon entering the store employees & shoppers alike were all asking if we were new in town, which place did you buy, etc….. It was quite obvious we were in a small town where everyone knows everyone, it’s nice to know that places like this still exists to this day.

On Saturday- Deborah, Art, Austin & Colton joined us for the night & we signed up for a boat tour that is provided at the park. They also have boat & canoe rentals if you don’t want to go on the tour. After taking the boat tour all of us headed to the nature trail.

On Sunday- Deborah, Art & Colton left to go home. Before leaving Art was asked if he would do this again & his answer was yes. They had a great time & said they would like to go with us again. That left the night to Grandpa, Grandma & Austin and we signed up for a moonlight hike with the ranger. Which turned out to be very interesting & we all learned the different techniques that animals use to see & find food in the night. We all had a GREAT time and there is still more that we want to explore here and will be coming back in the future.

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