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Sunshine Holiday RV Resort

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Sunshine Holiday RV Resort

Tiger’s Camp Experience

We had ventured out this time to take Tiger on his first camping trip. His normal truck rides to date have been to go to the “vet”, mostly about his skin irritations. At last the cone is off, he’s not biting anymore – so I think he deserves this.

Once we passed the time threshold of how long it takes to go to the vet, Tiger settled down in the truck. The only grandchild in tow was Austin. It only being Tiger & Austin going on the trip worked out great.

Sunshine Holiday RV Resort was only a 1 hour & 20 minute drive from Jacksonville. Which is another plus for a weekends get-away with today’s gas prices.

I believe this is the first Encore Resort we have stayed at, upon arrival we noticed many amenities driving in & it was well landscaped, they had tennis courts & miniature golf to the left side and over to the right we passed by a cool handcrafted playground for the little ones. There was Bocce Ball, shuffleboard, a game room & a pool.

Their method of checking in was a first with us…..They actually have an escort that takes you to check out your site for your approval & then the escort takes you to your chosen site & even helps with navigating you into your site & before he leaves he makes sure if you need anything else.

Shortly after our arrival & only about half way of setting up, Tiger had his indocrination into camping….that is a big thunderstorm on the way. Yep, just like Bud at his first camping trip.

That was the norm -rain at night but sunshine through the day, which worked out perfect. The only place we really ventured to was to the pool for an all day excursion with Austin (where he made friends with Gavin & Joanna) and he really enjoyed it.

Kennedy Space Center & Daytona Beach are both close by and we plan to stay here when we are able to check out one of Nasa’s launches.

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