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Salt Springs Recreation Area

Posted by Dan | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 24-04-2009


Ocala National Forest

Yep we are heading out today to Salt Springs Recreation Area ;)

This will be our first time staying at a Federal Reserve Park.  Salt springs is located in the Ocala National Forest in Florida.   When you search the Internet for this park though you will be hard pressed to find that many reviews on it.  Then there are the photos.  …  You will find the same dozen or so out their again and again.  Then there are videos.  …  Nope., or at least I haven’t found any out there.  Most of the reviews I have read have been done back around at least 5 years or so ago.   So yes we will bring every one up to date on our return on what we found, with more than just a dozen photos!  Knowing my wife, more like a 100+! :lol:

Then there’s the video part! ;)   Yep we will have that also!  Of course don’t expect it right away because GREAT VIDEOS take time!! :)

ANYHOW  …   My searching the Internet on this park,  … got me to thinking about how I could include any of your visits out there.  That I would like to do.  How I would do it though I’m still trying to figure out.  Any ideas?

Till our next campfire