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New Web Site Improvements!

Posted by Dan | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 19-10-2009


Check Out Our New Improvements!!

Been working hard trying to improve our site.  There’s still a ton more to do!   However I believe I now finely have most of how I’m going to do it, figured out.    The biggest area you will see now and will continue to grow is our  Local Adventures .   Yes we may not have the RV any more, but that’s not going to stop us from exploring Jacksonville.  This part of the web site will be devoted to exploring great local finds right here at home.    Another improvement is returning all of the videos with removed original sound tracks back to the way I intended them to be!!  Yes! You Tube has finely ended the battle with WMG!! The first one I have restored is on our new home page.  I also still plan on improving the RV pages we have out their, with new links and any other updates I learn about .

So check us out and tell us what you think!

Till our next campfire gossip

keep the fire going for us will ya!

The Lamore RVing Crew



Posted by Dan | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 08-05-2009


Another Look Into The Unknown!

On my last posting you may have remembered,   that I was planing on re-doing some of my videos.

Sounds easy enough,  …  just bring back your videos from before and remove the sound track that was the problem with WMG   (Warner Music Group)  And then replace them with another sound track.  or even better, leave it be with the original sound track.

Sound simple enough, so I started looking into do so.  Another plus was, when I re-downloaded the video it would be at the new HD format that YouTube has.

Great!,   Sounds like a winner to me!  Evan if the 5star ratings and XX number of comments go away…  I know they will return!:)

So I start on doing so, Only to find out that!!!

I am unable to edit any of theses videos.

This brings  something else into the mix!!

When you find that you can no longer access your past,  along with videos of your Grandchildren.

One starts to worry.

Anyhow,  I’m really hoping it’s just me being stupid.  Either way though,   I need to get a experts advise.

We  will talk again soon after the Camp Fires have a chance to relax.

Till then don’t worry,




Salt Springs Video

Posted by Dan | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 07-05-2009


Video has been completed! :mrgreen:

Salt Springs Video

Yes the video of our stay at Salt Springs Recreation Area has been completed and is now ready to be viewed!!

YouTube has made some more improvements also.  You can now view it in the best quality that your system could possibly ever handle.  Looks very good.  So good in fact that I’m going to work on updating the ones I now have out there with no audio.  You see what has been happening is that anything that is owned by WMG… The ENTIRE sound track has been removed.  Yes the entire sound track.  So if I was on there talking about something, that too is gone.   YouTube has an area where you can replace the sound track with one of their approved song tracks.  I have done that before but its never the same.  So anyhow my plan is to redo the conflicting ones and just try to stay away from any WMG tracks :evil:

Till our next campfire chat,  Happy RVing ;)


Another Great Adventure

Posted by Dan | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 29-04-2009


Salt Springs Recreational Area Update! ;)

From Salt Springs R.A. 09