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Tampa’s Lowry Zoo

Florida Snowbirds

Our winter trip begins at Ja-Mar Travel Park in Port Richey, Florida which by the way

was part of our Coast to Coast membership (or was it?) When we arrived here we were told that they no longer were accepting Coast to Coast memberships but they were going to accept us & they had “2 others pending” that they were going to accept, but no more.

There were several problems that we encountered while here – they do not accept credit or debit cards (cash, checks & money orders only). The sites were right on top of each other &

we had a tree preventing us from opening our awning. The website was not accurate as there are 2 parks called Ja-Mar Travel Park (Ja-Mar Travel Park North & Ja-Mar Travel Park), I can only guess that the photos and the activities on the website were the other park. We just used this park for a place to sleep & we ventured to other places in the area.

Our first place to visit was Robert K Rees – this place was once a privately owned Island that was later turned over to the city with restrictions of ever developing the land.

Check out Robert K Rees Web Site

The second place we visited was J B Starkey Wilderness Park - to us it looked like an over grown park with many places to park & picnic. One would think that this was a good sized natural habitat and we were visiting mid week and even traveled many of their hiking trails yet never encountered any wildlife.

J B Starkey Wilderness Park

The third place we visited was Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo – This zoo definitely has a focus on the kids. We found this zoo to be the most enjoyable zoo that we have visited in a long time, this was attributed in part by not having any children in tow & we traveled there mid week,  but also they had special areas & rides for the kids to enjoy along with different areas that the adults

would also enjoy. The only problem that we had while here was most of the concessions were closed (the only reason we could think of was it was during December & it was mid week).

Visit Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo Web Site

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