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Wekiwa Springs State Park

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Wekiwa Springs State Park

Winter Vacation 2007….. Part 1

This was our first stop of a very enjoyable week of relaxing, just the 3 of us. The weather was perfect all week long, we only ran the heater once while we were here. When we arrived on Saturday the park was filled, most of that was the boy scouts. On Sunday afternoon the park turned into a ghost campground, with very few RVers left behind. All the sites appeared to have enough room for even the larger RV’s. Another thing they had in common was a railing around the perimeter of your campsite.

The park had many hiking trails to explore, Dan learned the hard way to take the map & water with you. Many of these trails criss-crossed each other so it’s very easy to think you’re on 1 trail and end up on a totally different trail taking you someplace you weren’t even expecting to go. Dan & Bud started on a trail to only be gone for about a half hour and ended up being gone for more than 2 hours. I was in a panic when I could not find them and a Ranger stopped me and told me that they were further down the road with 1 tired dog in tow. When I got to them Bud had finally decided that he was not going any further and was laying in the grass along the road.

We thought that Bud had his fill of taking hikes, however he was excited the next day when we took our next hike down to the springs. Dogs are not allowed down at the swimming area of the springs. They even had canoe rentals down there along with a little eatery and visitor center. On the other end of the park they had an equestrian area where there is 8 miles of riding trails.

The rest of our time was spent relaxing and small hikes looking for wildlife. The park is home of the Florida Black Bear (we did not get to see any of the bears), white tailed deer (photos), wild turkey (photos), gopher tortoises (photo) and Sherman’s fox squirrels (saw one wasn’t able to photograph) and of course many birds.

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